Stimulation of entrepreneurship through partnership within Cameroon’s Model Forests

Dr. Dieudonne Alemagi (AFRICAD), Dr. Robert Kozak (AFRICAD), Dr. Ian de la Roche (NRCAN) + Partners

This project is aimed at promoting sustainable forest management within Aboriginal communities of the Campo Ma’an and the Dja et Mpomo Model Forests in Cameroon. Undeniably, abject poverty is widespread in Aboriginal communities that surround Cameroon’s Model Forests. Specifically, most people in these communities do not have access to education and other social amenities like quality housing, electricity, hospitals and good roads. In addition, there are concerns about the extent of ecological degradation and deforestation within these Model Forests.  In order to alleviate poverty in these communities while protecting the ecological intergrity of the forests, this research sets out to employ the Market Analysis and Development (MA&D) approach to identify and select the most sustainable non-timber forest products (NTFPs) that can be valorized and commercialized by these communities. An enterprise development plan will then be formuated and implemeted for each selected product.

The project is being executed by the Model Forests of Lac Saint Jean and Cégep de Saint-félicien in Quebec, AFRICAD, and FPInnovations. AFRICAD is handling the research component of the project.

Funding is provided by Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN)